Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bobby Charles - "Bobby Charles" - 1972

Every time I put this record on for someone who's never heard it, I always get the same response. Within seconds, they start nodding along and tapping their feet, and soon I get the question: "Who is this guy?" When I tell them, they're always flabbergasted that they've never heard of him. Bobby Charles has had a long and strange career, but this record is his best one, I think. It's a forgotten masterpiece of lazy, soulful vocals and brilliant, subtle songwriting. But good luck finding it in a store. I guess Bobby just didn't hustle hard enough. In the words of the opening cut:

"Who's gonna work and make the economy grow if we all hang out in the street?
I don't know and I don't care just as long as it ain't me.
wouldn't trade places with no one I know
I'm happy where I'm at
some people would rather work
we need people like that."

1. Street People
2. Long Face
3. I Must Be In A Good Place Now
4. Save Me Jesus
5. All The Money
6. Small Town Talk
7. Let Yourself Go
8. Grow Too Old
9. I'm That Way
10. Tennessee Blues

[NOTE: since I originally posted this, I've discovered that this record is now available from amazon in mp3 form, so I've removed the rapidshare link. Go buy the record & support Bobby.]


  1. This is an album that has had a place of honor in my collection for as long as I can remember (well, actually I CAN remember the 60's as well).
    Perhaps the greatest record to come out of the Bearsville Mafia scene...

  2. RIP Bobby Charles