Tuesday, September 22, 2009

compilation: "From The Web #2"

Another bunch of internet-acquired odds and ends. Enjoy.

1. Skydaddy - Jeffrey Has The Car
This crazy guy Bradlee has an website called "Skydaddy" with tons of hilarious music and writing, and my favorite section: prank calls.

2. Chris Harris - Traveling Soldier
Another tear-jerker from one of my favorite online musician acquaintances. I'm told the Dixie Chicks also covered this Bruce Robison tune. I can't imagine anyone doing it better than Chris, though.

Al Carmichael
3. Life Number Nine
4. Dreaming My Life Away
Two from Al, who was "crawdad" on several music forums in the early "oughts." A very talented man. Not sure what he's doing these days, but these were "rough" versions posted to homerecording.com ages ago.

5. Frankie Basile - Married Man Blues
This is just the audio of Frankie's youtube video. He takes the Wade Ward classic and makes it his own. Go check out the video and watch his fingers flying.

6. Dan Gellert - Eph Got A Coon
Another product of my recent banjo obsession. Dan's one of the few true modern innovators on the instrument. This came from his website. I subsequently bought his CD, which is really, really good.

7. Norman Greenbaum - Dairy Queen
After Norman hit it big with "Spirit In The Sky" he moved to Petaluma, CA, bought a chicken farm, and made a truly strange little record called "Petaluma" about, well... living in Petaluma and working on a chicken farm. Thankfully, this long out-of-print oddity is now available on his website.

8. Ryan Adams - When The Stars Go Blue
There were a lot of Ryan Adams songs floating around Napster in the old days. This live, scorched-throat version completely decimates the recorded version. Good stuff with a kick-ass band.

9. Tom Waits - Ol 55
This is from the "Storming Heaven" benefit in Healdsberg, in 1996. I had a warbly, speeded-up cassette copy of this for years, and recently found a much better quality copy online. Sound still isn't exactly pristine, but this is the greatest version of this song he ever did, in my opinion.

10. Southside Johnny (with the Coasters) - Check Mr. Popeye
More wonderful novelty weirdness from the Coasters. Popeye gets away with the girl in a lime green Caddy. Sweet...

11. Gary Portnoy - Another Day
Gary is the guy who wrote the world's most famous TV theme song. (Hint: "where everybody knows your name...") I recorded this off some streaming audio on his website. It's actually kind of a cool little tune, and it was one of his early attempts at a theme for Cheers. Crazy what you come across on the internet...

12. David Rawlings/Gillian Welch - Diamond Joe
A live cut where Dave gets to sing lead for once.

13. Bonnie Raitt - Can't Find My Way Home
Live with Little Feat in 1973. Back before Bonnie got all slick and commercial and boring.

14. Jose Gonzalez - Storm
Live version of one of his more obscure tunes.

15. Gil Landry - Dixie
The best song about busking I've ever heard. Gil's record is available online - great New Orleansy singer-songwriter stuff. Check it out.

16. Pieta Brown - It's Just As Well
This song is on the UK version of her record, "Remember The Sun," but it was left off the USA version for some reason.

17. Bruce Robison - Days Go By
I think I got this from Bruce's website at some point. One of the greatest of Texas songwriters - and that's saying something.

18. The Buzzrats - Where The Rockets Go
The final version of this song appears on their excellent 2003 record "Wondering Where You Are," which is available through their website. Phil, their guitarist, workshopped a lot of those songs on homerecording.com several years ago. This is a rough early mix of one of my favorite of their tunes.

19. Garland Jeffreys - Spanish Town
Garland has always been one of my favorites, and his stuff was really hard to find for a long time. Thankfully, he's online now, and making stuff more available. No one but Garland writes songs like this. From his vastly under-appreciated 1977 masterpiece, "Ghost Writer" - one of the best records of all time, as far as I'm concerned.


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