Tuesday, September 22, 2009

compilation: "From The Web"

We're going to stray away from blues and harmonica a bit here, for a very loosely themed compilation. Basically, this is all music I acquired online. Much of it is people I actually know - either in real life or in some virtual sense, and the rest I found on some website or another. It's all music I never would have found without this crazy new technology, so I guess it's sort of a web tribute to the web - or something equally ridiculous. Anyway, the music is good. Check it out - there's probably plenty here you've never heard before. It's not blues, but most of it is pretty moody...

1. Leonard Cohen - Waiting On This Corner
I recorded this off an audio stream of an interview on the NPR website.

2. Jay Farrar - White Freightliner Blues
A live version of the Townes Van Zandt classic. I think I downloaded this from Jay's website at some point.

3. Karin Tatoyan - History of Stains
Karin works out of L.A. and is really totally unlike anyone else I can think of on the scene right now. If you get the chance to see her live, do it. She'll convert you on the spot. This is from her EP of the same name.

4. Shudder to Think - She Might Be Waking Up
This amazing song - completely uncharacteristic for Shudder to Think - is only available on the soundtrack to the excellent film "High Art." They never did any other tunes like this, but this one haunted me since the first time I heard it over the closing credits.

5. Jason Simon - So Far Away
Jason was a guy I "knew" on a message board in the 90s. He was a piano player, singer and songwriter from the East Coast. I don't know what became of him, but I love this song.

6. Tom Gagne - For My Errors
Tom was another guy I knew on a home recording message board, back when I was doing lots of obsessing over parametric eq and condenser mics and tube preamps. He posted this after a fight with his girlfriend one time.

7. Mark Sandman - Kerouac
From the Kerouac box set. Mark freestyles his own kind of blues. One master riffing on another. I got this on Napster, back in the old days. Anyone remember Napster?

8. Preacher Boy - Another Train Song
Preacher Boy was an interesting singer-songwriter and a hellofa guitar player who one day decided he'd had it with trying to make it in music. He posted a sort of good-bye on his website and said he was going to concentrate on his writing career. He also gave away pretty much all his music for free. I downloaded a bunch of it, and this song has always been a favorite.

9. George Wirth - Hard Love
Another guy I found on a recording forum. George posted songs like this and totally showed up all the fools who claimed you can't make great music in your bedroom. Just a perfect song.

10. Ryan Adams - Drunk And Fucked Up
I have pretty much zero interest in his more recent stuff, but this is a goddamn masterpiece of a performance. Occasionally Ryan stopped being cute and really sang from the heart, and when he did, it made you wish he did it more often.

11. Anna Egge - Made of Iron
Another amazing songwriter who probably could have been a superstar if she hadn't come along at the collapse of the music industry. A dark, harrowing gem of a song.

12. Liz Pappademas - Soldier's Girls
Another L.A. singer-songwriter. I got this from her website. A good song to listen to very late at night when you're a bit drunk.

13. Winston Cowboy - Don't Let That Pussy Cool Off
Some nut under the name "Winston Cowboy" posted this to a forum once. Sound advice, you must admit.

14. Chris Harris - Juliet
Chris Harris is another immensely talented internet dude who basically just plays music for fun and records and posts tons of great songs in his spare time (he's a lawyer by day). Check out the acoustic duo he plays in with his daughter, "Better off Dad." This song makes me cry.

15. Ellen Gozion - Edward
I stumbled across Ellen's website totally by accident one day and fell in love with her voice. If you like this, go buy her records at CDbaby. She's a masterful song interpreter.

16. The Four Tunes - I Understand
One of my favorite songs of all time. I don't think there's any internet connection with this - I just like putting it on compilations. It's only available at this point on the soundtrack to the brilliant film "Trees Lounge," where it is mistakenly credited to the Ink Spots. Pat Best is the vocalist and if he doesn't send shivers up your spine, you don't have a spine.

17. Tom Noonan - The Devil
Some bluesy weirdness from a very strange guy. Tom Noonan wrote, directed and starred in "What Happened Was," which is one of the greatest films no one ever saw. Evidently, he also makes wacky music. This came from his website. If you dig this, there's more where it came from.

18. The Last Call Girls - Shotgun Wedding
I used to see the Girls a lot when I lived in Kansas City. They completely rock. This is a live tune they posted on their website once. I've tried ordering their CD numerous times, but the Girls aren't too web savvy. Your best bet is to try catching them at Davey's in Midtown KC sometime.

19. Tom Waits - Highway Cafe
This was from a compilation of folks doing Kinky Friedman songs. I scored this from Audiogalaxy, which was the hot spot for a minute right after Napster finally bit the dust, and before all the action moved to blogs. Now, where's my chili dog?


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