Wednesday, September 16, 2009

George Smith - "Arkansas Trap" - 1970

My favorite George Smith record. For years I had nothing but a crappy cassette copy with tons of tape hiss. Finally, I found this guy online who had created a digital version from his original LP. Still not the CD reissue I'm hoping for, but a vast improvement. Enjoy this impossible-to-find jewel.

1. McComb, Mississippi
2. Situation Blues
3. Roaming
4. Blue Fog
5. On My Mind
6. Viola B
7. Monkey On A Limb
8. Trying To Hide The Things I Do
9. Fire Exit
10. She's Coming Home To Stay
11. McComb, Mississippi part II


  1. Glad you liked the lp from my blog

  2. Great LP, just curious is Track #11 McComb, Mississipp PART II supposed to end abruptly as it does in this rip? Just seems kinda odd. No?

  3. Yeah, it does seem abrupt, but that's the way it ended on the other copy of this record I had, so I have to assume it's right.

  4. can this be reposted on zippyshare please?