Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Joe Hill Louis - "The Be-Bop Boy"

An early artist on Sun Records, Joe Hill Louis was not easily defined in terms of style. He was a more or less "one man band" whose music sometimes seemed to fall completely apart. He was very popular in his day however.

His real name was Leslie Hill and he was born in Raines, Tennessee. He left home at 14 and hobo'd around playing some music where he could. The name "Joe Louis" for fighting constantly and being good at it. In the 1940s he developed his one man band act after settling down in Memphis. He billed himself as "Joe Hill Louis The Be-Bop Boy And His One Man Band." He became popular playing in around Handy Park, ultimately landing a 15 minute show on WDIA, billed there as "The Pepticon Boy".

Hill recorded some in 1949 for Columbia before signing with Sam Phillips in 1950. After Phillips sold his contract in 1953 Hill contined to record with various labels, eventually returning to Phillips to record as a solo artist until his untimely death in 1957. A deep cut on his thumb turned into tetanus and Joe Hill Louis died at the age of 35. -

There are some amazing tracks on this record, including some fantastic early stuff by Walter Horton. Currently, this release is only available as a foreign import as far as I can tell, and that part of the Bear Family site isn't in English, so it's kinda hard to navigate how to order it. For these reasons, I'm feeling okay with posting it here so others can enjoy it.

1. She Treats Me Mean and Evil
2. Dorothy Mae
3. Sweetest Gal in Town
4. Keep Your Arms Around Me
5. Got Me a New Woman
6. I'm a Poor Boy
7. In the Mood [Instrumental] - Big Walter Horton
8. West Winds Are Blowing - Big Walter Horton
9. Little Walter's Boogie - Big Walter Horton
10. We All Got to Go (Sometime) - Big Walter Horton
11. We All Got to Go (Sometime)
12. Little Walter's Boogie - Big Walter Horton
13. Tiger Man [Demo Version]
14. 44 Blues - Mose Vinson
15. My Love Has Gone
16. Mistreatin' Boogie - Mose Vinson
17. My Love Has Gone - Joe Hill Louis, Mose Vinson
18. Worry You Off My Mind - Mose Vinson
19. Reap What You Sow - Mose Vinson
20. Walter's Instrumental - Big Walter Horton
21. Hydramatic Woman
22. Tiger Man
23. Keep Your Arms Around Me
24. She Comes to See Me Sometime
25. We All Got to Go (Sometime)
26. Shine Boy