Saturday, September 26, 2009

John Nicholas and Friends - "Too Many Bad Habits" - 1977

I originally bought this record mainly because the "friends" included Walter Horton and Johnny Shines, but I quickly became a big fan of John Nicholas. He was out of music for a long stretch, but he seems to be back at it now, and you can get several of his excellent recordings - old and new - by visiting his website at

This 1977 Blind Pig release, however, remains very difficult to find, and that's a shame because this is great music. Plus, for harp fans, there is some superb playing by Walter Horton here. Three of the cuts featuring Walter also appeared on his own LP, "Can't Keep Loving You," but the rest have never appeared anywhere else that I know of. Johnny Shines sings a tune, there's fiddling and mandolin, lots of really tasty guitar, soulful singing, and some witty original tunes. Good times with a hellofa bunch of friends. You think any blues artist would get away with having a couple lines of coke on the album cover in these squeaky clean times? Doubtful...

1. Mandolin Boogie
2. Looks Can Be Deceivin'
3. Too Many Bad Habits
4. Sittin' On Top Of The World
5. Got The Train?
6. Rock My Blues Away
7. Blues Walk
8. Don't You Mind People Grinnin' In Your Face
9. The New Canned Heat
10. West Wind
11. Blues Came Fallin' Down
12. Careless Love
13. Gettin' Outta Town
14. Hellhound On My Trail


  1. John Nicholas and Friends - "Too Many Bad Habits"

    What day!!.. other good rip of this rare album with walter Horton.

    Much appreciated.

  2. I know guys like you. You love music and want to spread it around.
    Well, my friend, you have got it right and we all thank you for it.
    Best wishes, man.

  3. My brother borrowed this record from me and then promptly had it stolen from his apartment in 1977. I can't believe it found it here. Was one of my all time favorite records. Thanks.