Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pete Johnson - "Pete's Blues - House Rent Party" - 1946

Pete Johnson always gets lumped in with Meade Lux Lewis and Albert Ammons as one of the three prominent boogie woogie pianists, but I've always felt that neither of the other two were remotely in the same class as Pete - he's a vastly more creative and versatile player than any of the other boogie woogie players of that era, and was capable of considerably more than straight eight-to-the-bar pounding, as this recording shows. Possibly the first "concept record," this one starts with Pete "all alone in his new house," where he is soon joined by musician after musician until there is a full band wailing away. The between song banter as each new guy shows up is hilariously goofy, and the music swings like crazy.

1. Pete's Lonesome Blues
2. Mr. Drum Meets Mr. Piano
3. Mutiny In the Doghouse
4. Mr. Clarinet Knocks Twice
5. Ben Rides Out
6. Page Mr. Trumpet
7. J.C. From K.C.
8. Pete's Housewarming Blues
9. Atomic Boogie
10. Back Room Blues
11. 1280 Stomp
12. I May Be Wonderful
13. Man Wanted

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