Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Various Artists - "The World of Blues Power - Vol 2" - 1970

This hard-to-find collection features the by-then timeworn tradition of pairing classic Chicago blues artists with British "blues-rock" guys. These tracks come from all over the place - some are very hard to find elsewhere, and some aren't. I bought it for the two cuts Walter Horton appears on, both of which are from 1964, but there's some good stuff from the other Chicago artists here too. And if you're into British blues-rock, you'll find this an altogether pleasing compilation. Or, if you're like me, you'll just skip over that crap and get to the good stuff.

Incidentally, "The World Of..." was evidently a sort of series, designed to make a quick buck repackaging a variety of musical genres. A catalog of titles on the back of the record tempts the casual listener with the availability and affordability of "The World of Military Bands," "The World of Wales In Song," "The World of Paddy Roberts" and my personal favorite, "The World of World War One - Oh! What A Lovely War," among other definitive releases.

1. Don't Turn Me From Your Door - Savoy Brown
2. Can't Help Myself - Shakey Horton
3. Checkin' Up On My Baby - John Mayall
4. Crutch And Cane - Homesick James
5. Going To Try - Ten Years After
6. Too Bad (Pt. 1) - Eddie Boyd
7. Leavin' Trunk - Keef Hartley
8. Lula Mae - Robert Nighthawk
9. You Don't Love Me - John Mayall
10. She's Got A Ring In His Nose And A Ring On Her Hand - Savoy Brown
11. Third Degree - Champion Jack Dupree
12. Speed Kills - Ten Years After

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2NO9XK3P (just tracks #2 and #8)


  1. Volume 1 of "World of Blues Power" was one of the first albums I ever bought. It's got a similar mix to this volume, but includes Peter Green and he's always worth a listen even if you're not into British blues-rawk.

  2. I've really enjoyed these albums, and I've picked out a few riffs to practice on my Harp. Being the obsessive compulisve person I am, though, do you have volume one??? I don't seem to have any of the profiles below, so I will check back here.


  3. Sorry, no vol. 1 - although it sounds like you might want to try the gentleman above you...:)

  4. Update: Vol 1 has arrived!


  5. I remember buying this record as one of my first records almost 40 years ago in a small town in North Queensland, Australia and suddenly finding that I really liked the blues after just one listen. I still do.

  6. The link url above is truncated. Can you put a "proper" link in please - or cut the url up into smaller chunks which I can paste back together.

    Ta !

  7. Apologies - I've just discovered that it's there, even though I can't see it all !

  8. Great music! Any chance to get vol. 3???

  9. Thanks, this LP brought back happy memories. I remember borrowing it from a friend when still in high school and making a (long gone) tape copy of it. The Homesick James track was a favorite. A few years later I found the vol.1 in a discount bin. I can understand your attitude towards British Blues but for us, in Europe, these British cats were doors openers, and I'll be always grateful for that. Moreover some of these british bands were really good (a special mention to the Keef Hartley band which featured - unfortunately not on the track on this compilation - a strong horn section and very competent jazz drumming). It's because I liked (British) blues that I bought my first blues concert ticket, it was one of touring American Folk Blues Festival and that was it ... John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, Big Koe Williams, Jimmy Reed (very drunk) ... I was hooked.

    Those were the days ...

  10. I've had Vols 1 and 2 for decades, but had never seen Vol 3. A quick search on the web http://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=495542 turned up the following track listing and a great cover picture (and the news that the LP is unavailable at the moment)
    1. The Stumble - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers feat. Peter Green
    2. Ramblin' On My Mind - Eric Clapton with John Mayall
    3. Me And My Woman - Keef Hartley Band
    4. Made Up My Mind - Savoy Brown
    5. Under Your Hood - Champion Jack Dupree & His Blues Band with Mickey Baker
    6. Woman Trouble - Ten Years After
    7. Got To Move - Homesick James
    8. So Many Roads - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers feat. Peter Green
    9. Merry Christmas - Robert Nighthawk
    10. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie - Eddie Boyd
    11. TV Mama - Champion Jack Dupree
    12. The Stomp - Ten Years After
    So now I'm going to have to add that to my list of things to track down.

  11. hi, i'm searching for a long time for this two (three) albums. i download vol. 1 from your side but for vol. 2 sadly the link don't work. please can you give me a new link and when you have it for vol. 3 too?! thank you very much and best wishes, michael

  12. Unfortunately, Rapidshare appears to have deleted the file for this one, and I never saved a complete copy (I do have all the tracks by the Chicago artists, but never saved any of the stuff by the British guys since I never listen to those).

    Anyone want to re-up this one & save me having to re-record those British tracks from the vinyl?

  13. Strangely, my german copy of "Volume 2" has a different track listing and a completely different (gatefold) cover.

  14. Oh, and I also have volumes 1 and 3

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  17. "Hi again,
    I have all the tracks except 2 and 8.
    can you post those 2 tracks, I put them all in a .rar and upload to rapidshare or megaupload.

    Leris seems to have deleted the posts above, but if you're still there, Leris, tracks 2 and 8 are now uploaded here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2NO9XK3P

  18. Here is the complete album @192kbs

    as said by Raoul, there's another vol 2 with different track listing and cover.

    01 Sam Apple Pie - Hawk
    02 John Mayall With Eric Clapton - Hideaway
    03 Ten Years After - I'm Going Home
    04 Savoy Brown Blues Band -Don't Turn Me From Your Door
    05 Champion Jack Dupree - Shim-Sham-Shimmy
    06 Keef Hartley Band - Think It Over-Too Much To Take
    07 John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers - Looking Back
    08 Ten Years After - Losing The Dogs
    09 Sam Apple Pie - Sometime Girl
    10 John Mayall - The Bear

    only "Savoy Brown" is in the two albums ...


  19. Ok, original post edited to reflect the current situation. Thanks for "version #2" leris! We're still looking for someone to repost the rest of version #1.

  20. maybe I don't explain myself correctly (cause of my bad english) the link is for YOUR listing, your original post, I've posted the listing of the other version, just for infos ...

  21. Ah - my bad. Ok, post edited again. Thanks a bunch, leris!

  22. Here is the other version of vol 2 @320kbs + covers.


    track listing (10 titles) on the post above ...

  23. Sorry if I'm doubling up on info here ( I haven't had time to read all the posts) but these two albums make up the basis of the Decca Originals cd The Blues Scene, so if anyone wants the tunes in cd format that's the place to go. Not in the same order of course and with other tasty tracks too but short of finding the vinyl it could help.