Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Walter Horton rarities

This one originally came to me as a cassette compilation of rarities culled from a couple records that were scarcely in print for more than a nanosecond, as well as some sideman work Walter did for other folks. The solo cuts at the beginning are particularly interesting.

1. Juke (Evan's Shuffle/Walter's Swing-like instrumental) (Solo)
2. La Cucaracha (Solo)
3. I Hate To See The Sun Go Down
4. Going Back To St. Louis
5. Crawling Kingsnake (Floyd Jones)
6. Ain't It A Shame (solo)
7. She Left Me A Mule To Ride (Johnny Young)
8. That's Wrong Little Mama
9. Eight Ball (Gus Jenkins)
10. Evalena (Tampa Red)
11. Little And Low (Homesick James)
12. My Home Ain't Here (Homesick James)
13. Need My Baby (1964)
14. Have A Good Time (1964)
15. Watch Out (Hound Dog Taylor)
16. Instrumental (Hound Dog Taylor)
17. What Kind Of Man Is This (Koko Taylor)
18. Instrumental (Hound Dog Taylor)
19. Sitting Here Alone (Hound Dog Taylor)
20. I Got What It Takes (Koko Taylor)
21. Instrumental
22. Instrumental
23. Instrumental


  1. I am a Horton "completest" as well & i can't thank you enough for this stuff.

    is there anything you're missing?

    a different anonymous

  2. Hi Chris! Thanks for these great records you've posted here. You sure have many very interesting and rare stuff!