Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wild Child Butler - "Open Up Baby" - 1968

Charly's Open Up Baby rounds up several singles George "Wild Child" Butler recorded for Jewel between 1966 and 1968. All of the sessions were produced by Willie Dixon, and the great majority of the songs were written either by Butler or Dixon. Some of the material has dated a bit ("Hippy Playground," for instance), but there's no denying the down and dirty grit in Butler's performances, as he's backed by such well-known musicians as Big Walter Horton and Jimmy Dawkins. Butler rarely did straightahead Chicago blues any better than he did here. -

1. Open Up Baby
2. Big Momma, Little Momma
3. Axe and the Wind
4. Jelly Jam
5. Hold Me Baby
6. Do Something Baby
7. She Walks Like My Mary Ann
8. Put It All in There
9. My Forty Year Old Woman
10. Harmonica Prayer
11. Gravy Child
12. Best of Wild Child
13. Keep on (Doing' What You're Doin')
14. Hippy Playground

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