Thursday, September 17, 2009

William Clarke - "Rockin' The Boat!" - 1988

William Clarke's widow, Jeanette, has been releasing a lot of cool stuff since Clarke's death in 1996, but neither of the two records he did for Rivera in the 1980s have been reissued yet for some reason. I can only assume that these records are tied up in some kind of stupid legal hassle, because the music on this one is every bit as good as the stuff Clarke put out on Alligator in later years (and better than some of it, in my opinion). This is Clarke at his most relaxed, swinging and soulful. If they ever reissue Rockin' The Boat, I'll take it down, since I don't want to take money away from the Clarke family, but in the meantime, enjoy a night in Redondo Beach with the William Clarke band in 1987.

1. Deal The Cards
2. Keep It To Yourself
3. All About My Girl
4. I Had My Fun
5. Red House/Just A Little Love
6. Iodine In My Coffee
7. After Hours
8. Boogie Woogie Woman

[link deleted - go get it from cdbaby or itunes & support the Clarke family!]


  1. Chris -

    Congratulations on the great blog!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. You're welcome! Glad you like it. Lots more to come...

  3. recorded 1987, not 1988.

  4. Hi Anon - Like I said in the post: recorded 1987, released 1988. But thanks for the verification!

  5. Muchas gracias y felicitaciones por el blog. Lima, PerĂº.

  6. Very cool. Bill was the best! If it had only been a 320kbps file. I have the LP but I don't play it as it is rather rare!

  7. Chris,
    Looks like William Clarkes "Rockin' The Boat" is now available as a digital download from several sources.
    Enjoyed your website. I'll be returning to take a more thorough look. Thanks for all the music/info.

  8. Ah, right you are... thanks for the heads-up, wayne.

  9. I Have that LP an the one titled Can't you hear me Callin. I love'em William at his best, my favorite is Iodine in my coffee......