Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Johnny Shines - Live 1974

Before I post anything, I do a bunch of research to determine whether the record in question can reasonably be obtained through legal domestic channels. In the course of my Johnny Shines research, I was glad to discover that most of Johnny's recordings have been re-issued, and many of the formerly rare records I have are now available on CD. This one seems to have been overlooked so far, though. It's a pleasingly intimate show from 1974 with a very receptive audience, and Johnny sounds relaxed and at ease. Enjoy.

1. Won't You Tell Me, Mama
2. Goin' Down In The Bottom
3. Bumble Bee Blues
4. Workin' On The Station
5. Moanin' The Blues
6. Talking/Just A Little Tenderness
7. Guitar Boogie


  1. Wasn't this reissued on cd by Wolf Records? The CD is available on Document's website, I believe.

  2. I don't see it on Document's site anywhere. If anyone has a link to where this is available, feel free to post it. Otherwise, I'll leave it up for now.