Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Levi Williams - Ain't Pickin' Cotton No More - 1997

During my Memphis days, Levi Williams was one of my favorite local musicians. He was one of the guys I never got tired of listening to, because he always put his all into every set he did. He never phoned it in, even if he was just playing in the park on a cold day for a handful of homeless dudes. It took me a long time to track this CD down. It was recorded in 1997 at a now-defunct studio and was probably mainly sold by Levi himself at gigs. There isn't much current info on Levi online, but I managed to find a guy on Ebay with this CD for sale (signed copy!) and snapped it up immediately. It's a solid set of what I believe are all original tunes, and it definitely deserves to be heard by folks outside of Memphis. Take a listen.

1. Goin' Deep Sea Fishin'
2. You Made A Good Man Out Of Me
3. Ain't Pickin' Cotton No More
4. San Antone
5. Trouble In My Home
6. Travelin' Shoes
7. Fine Lookin' Woman
8. Welfare Check
9. Shotgun
10. Burning Bush



  1. Levi Williams - Ain't Pickin' Cotton No More - 1997

    Thanks for this rarity.

  2. Got a copy of this 4tracks directly from Levi himself on Beale Street in the park during Elvis Week in 1997! I've videotaped Levi signing there! Got also his autograph! We cannot find this CD anywhere here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but his music is so great. I've transfered my 4tracks into a CD copy and did few copies for friends, which I've given free so that Levi's music is heard here up north! MAN!!! SO GREAT BLUES MUSIC! Just wish he could get his CD sold here! I'm sure Blues fans would be happy! I just wonder if Levi is still around.... Thanks!

  3. Anon: one of the comments at the bottom of this page seems to indicate that Levi has passed away. I haven't been able to find any more info than that though. Glad his music made it to Quebec!


  4. I bought this CD on Beale in 2004 and I loved it. I listened to it for years and then somehow misplaced it during a move which is crazy unfortunate because now I can't find it anywhere!

  5. Good afternoon. My late husband, Skip McQuinn, produced this record on Levi at our studio, 315 Beale, in Memphis on Great Big River Records. So glad you're a fan!

  6. I so wish this was still available (rapidshare RIP)! I wanted to hear him and his music - this CD is very rare.

    1. hi helen - my email is chriscefalu@gmail.com
      if you'd like to contact me i can figure out a way to send you a cooy. cheers!