Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs - Pigus Drunkus Maximus - 1987

Part of what I aim to do with this blog is make available documents of moments in time, both for those who were there and those who weren't, lest they be lost to the vagaries of the music business. The mythology is so thick around Top Jimmy & The Pigs that, for someone who wasn't there, it might be hard to understand all the fuss. I'm not sure this record will clear anything up for those folks. It's good, straight-ahead blues party music, but I think Jimmy was one of those guys who had to be seen live in order to "get it." Anyway, here's the hard-to-find first release from the legendary L.A. party band. If you were there, it'll bring back all those good drunken memories. And if you weren't there, it's still a fun record.


  1. awesome! thanks a bunch for the post

  2. I will be forever grateful for this post. I spent many a "Blue Monday" with this band at the Cathay De Grande in Hollywood back in the 80's.

    Thanks again and now it's time to do the "Pigfoot Shuffle"!

  3. thanks a lot for this,
    have been looking for this for a long time ...
    ... a CD reissue is needed !!

  4. Do I need a password for this album?

    Antonio / Aruba

  5. There are never passwords required for any of the records I post.