Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Blues Anthology Vol 3 - Real Chicago Blues" - 1969

This is the first half of the sessions that were released as two LPs under Echo's "Blues Anthology" series (Vol 4 has the 2nd half). The complete sessions were also released as a double LP on Adelphi called "Really Chicago's Blues." It's pretty informal stuff - basically, it's kinda like having Johnny Shines, Walter Horton, Big Joe Williams, Sunnyland Slim, etc. sitting around your living room swapping tunes and maybe someone happened to turn a cheap tape recorder on. However, despite the relaxed nature of the proceedings (or perhaps because of it) there are some excellent performances in here if you can get past the sound quality and the generally loose accompaniment. Johnny and Big Joe, in particular, have some great tunes, even if someone should have snatched that damn kazoo out of Joe's hand.

1. Johnny Shines/Sunnyland Slim/Backwards Sam Firk - Two Long Freight Trains
2. John Lee Granderson/Big Joe Williams/Firk - Girl At The Bottom
3. Slim/Shines/Firk - Rolling And Tumbling
4. Honeyboy Edwards/Firk - Hot Springs Blues
5. Williams/Granderson/Firk - If You Can't Shimmy-She-Wobble
6. Shines/Slim/Firk/Williams - As Long As The World Stands
7. Shines/Edwards/Walter Horton - For The Love Of Mike
8. Honeyboy Edwards - Jersey Bull Blues
9. Williams/Granderson/Firk - You're An Old Lady
10. Shines/Slim/Firk - Poor Man's Tonic
11. Horton/Edwards/Shines - Way 'Cross Town
12. Williams/Shines/Slim - Jook House Blues


  1. Hey, Chris, I just want to let you know I've greatly enjoyed these materials. I don't know if you have run out of music, or just gotten busy, but,

    Merry Christmas!

  2. "Blues Anthology Vol 3 - Real Chicago Blues" - 1969

    Great thanks for this rare one!


  3. Thank you so much for this. I wouldn't have been able to find this anywhere else!

  4. I have "Really Chicago Blues" on Adelphi, love that record! So cool that you posted this. thanks!