Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getty Duff - "Songs With Shitty Sound Quality" - 2011?

Came across this oddity recently. Can't find any info at all on this guy online for some reason, but it's an interesting collection of ragged blues and country covers, a couple Tom Waits tunes, and a few originals, all recorded in sound quality that certainly lives up to the title. Something I like about this one...

1. Broke Down Engine (McTell)
2. Cold Cold Morning Light (Taylor/Thomas)
3. Six Feet In The Grave (Traditional)
4. Sop My Gravy (Mathus)
5. Bronx Lullaby (Waits)
6. Local Man (Duff)
7. James Alley Blues (Brown)
8. Tell Me Something (Allison)
9. Overtime Blues (Vincson)
10. Goin Away Baby (Lane)
11. Gin-Soaked Boy (Waits)
12. Honeydripper Blues (Turner)
13. Rolling & Tumbling (Traditional)
14. Sugar Daddy Blues (Duff)
15. 3220 Blues (Johnson)
16. To Be (Duff)
17. Silver Stallion (Clayton)

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