Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getty Duff - "Hungry Man" - ????

Finally tracked down another by the mysterious Mr. Duff. Sound quality isn't much improved from the previous effort, although there are a few more instruments in the mix on a few tracks. This one sticks pretty closely to straight blues - one original and an eclectic assortment of covers. No liner notes or any label/recording info, so this was likely a self-produced effort.

1. Vagabond Shoes (Gallup/Saxon)
2. Soul of a Man (Johnson)
3. Shotgun Blues (Traditional)
4. Country Clown (Ross)
5. That Ain't It (Lane)
6. Hungry Man (Duff)
7. Sloppy Drunk (Williamson)
8. Tombstone (Vega)
9. Hard Time Getting Started (Boyd)
10. Talco Girl (James)
11. St. Louis Blues (Handy)
12. Going Down That Road (interrupted) (Traditional)


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