Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getty Duff - "Vomit on the Blacktop" - 2008?

The third record in our Getty Duff series would appear to be an earlier effort - there's still no official year or label info, but the copyright date is listed as 2008. This one is all originals, and while they're not blues exactly, there's definitely a blues-ish influence throughout, and many of the tunes fall roughly into a 12-bar format. The presentation as a whole is a tad more polished than his other records - it sounds like it might actually have been recorded in a studio this time and Mr. Duff might even have been mostly sober. However, don't assume things are too cleaned up here (the cover photo should give you at least fair warning).

1. Seventeen
2. Bones
3. Gold
4. 99 Blues
5. Train Wreck Blues
6. Good News Never Knocks at Midnight
7. Turn Me Over
8. Boy
9. Escape Artist (Blues for Eddie)
10. Let's Drag Her Down The Sidewalk



  1. Have the Getty Duff files been removed?

  2. Just checked & all Getty Duff files are working fine. Try it again - maybe Megaupload was down for a sec?

  3. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but once I copy and paste the link (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MQ6LW32P) in my browser I get a "Megaupload · Login, -, Register. Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available. Reasons for this may include: - Invalid link. - The file has been deleted ..."

    If you have the time, any tips would be greatly appreciated. I also got a file has been deleted message with the Houston Boines file.

  4. Just checked again & all the links (including the Houston Boines one) are working. I've tried it on different browsers & different computers, so I'm not sure what else to tell you, Anon. Maybe double-check that you're not getting any spaces or anything in the address when you paste it?

    If you can't figure it out, leave your e-mail here in the comments section (I'll delete it right away so it won't stay there) & I'll e-mail you a yousendit link or something.

  5. Finally figured it out. Thanks for your time and the offer to help out if I stayed stupid. Appreciate it. And thanks for Glad Rags. Found some good tunes that I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise. Take care.

  6. Cool - glad you figured it out!